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Muscle Pain Therapy was established by David Hanas, MS, LMT, CHT over 22 years ago in Rochester, New York.  David has over 35 years of experience in the health and fitness industry helping people of all ages with pain management. His theories on musculofascial pain and musculofascial techniques came from dealing with his own acute and chronic pain, and musculofascial dysfunction.


David has a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Sports Management.  A Licensed Therapeutic Massage and Hydro therapist with the state of New York; he specializes in Orthopedic Massage. David is also a certified Personal Trainer/ Fitness Specialist, Water Exercise therapist and Hypnotherapist.


If you have repetitive stress injuries, muscle skeletal issues, diseases or other injuries that cause muscle pain, Muscle Pain Therapy treats the musculofascial component of your pain.  Musculofascial pain is the most misunderstood and rarely treated pain. Muscle Pain Therapy cares for the whole person managing all avenues causing pain: the mental, physical and emotional dimensions.


Muscle Pain Therapy deals with and breaks up your pain cycle, altering the sensory neurons and motor neurons to return your musclofascial patterns to a healthier state. It alleviates muscle pain, restoring equilibrium to the body by using therapeutic procedures in kinesiology, musculofascial therapy, manual therapies, exercise therapy, hypnotherapy and alternative treatments that are thousands of years old.


The pain cycle is a complex chain of events. It often begins with injury or illness. Your physical, mental and emotional state can add to or even start the cycle. Muscles automatically contract around a painful site to support and protect the area, increasing your pain. This causes tender, highly irritable spots, referred pain patterns, tingling and other sensations through the body. As the muscles tense more, your pain spreads. If pain is not resolved quickly, muscles tighten causing reduced circulation, inflammation and swelling.


To break the pain cycle you must release restricted musculofascial and tender points helping restore normal movement, increasing circulation, re-educate muscle patterns and increase range of motion to a healthy state.


Muscle Pain Therapy helps you:

  • Feel better
  • Renew energy
  • Decrease pain
  • Return muscle patterns to a healthier state
  • Restore equilibrium
  • Find motivation for physical activity


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