Muscle Pain Therapy

Physiological Benefits

Muscle Pain Therapy, combines manual forms of therapies using touch specializing in soft tissue manipulation kinesiology to help decrease pain, and promote healing in the body. It is among the oldest medical interventions, documented in writing dating back over 2,000 years. (1)   


• The skin (soft tissues) is the largest sensory organ in the body with five million touch receptors sending messages along the spinal cord to the brain.


• Therapy dilates or opens up blood vessels, improves the circulation and relieves congestion. Therapy increases the number of red blood cells, especially in cases of anemia.


• The oxygen capacity of the blood increases the blood flow which helping hasten the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactic acids, one of the main culprits behind sore muscles. (5)


• Results in reduction of acute and chronic pain from slipped or herniated disk, assorted spinal problems, and other body pain. (2,3)


• Improves lymph drainage and boosts the immune system by increasing white cell count and natural killer cells cyctotoxicity which can better prepares the body to fight off possible invading cells in the body.(4), (19)


• Decreases acute inflammation. (5,12)


• Decreases muscle tension, autonomic arousal, pain and increases the sense of well-being. (6,7)


• Therapeutic Massage and Manual muscle therapies has increased in the last two decades as an adjunct to medical and pharmacology treatment for improvements in patient care. (8,9,10)


• Therapeutic Massage helps reduce the amount of fat cells in the lymphadenoid. (11). It may be an aid in bursting the fat capsule in the subcutaneous tissues, so that the fat excludes and becomes absorbed.


• "It can reduce scar tissue that develops after injury" States, Shawn Bryant, M.D., an OB/GYN in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (13)


• Decreases anxiety and improves mood state and lowers stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine levels. (4)


• Helps relieve multiple Fibromyalgia symptoms. (15,16)


• Releases muscles and connective tissue restrictions that cause chronic headaches. (17)


• Stimulates vagus, one of 12 cranial nerves that influence various bodily functions. (18)


• In Repetitive Stress Injuries, it breaks up the soft tissue adhesions and restrictive connective tissue pressing on nerves along with releasing hypertonic muscles and re-educating the agonist and antagonist muscles causing the dysfunction.


These are just some of the many benefits. There are hundreds of studies and new discoveries confirming its physiological benefits.



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