Muscle Pain Therapy

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  1. Orthopedic manual therapies for acute and chronic pain for muscle dysfunction.
  2. Therapeutic exercise programs for healthy and dysfunctional muscles.
  3. Personal trainer: land and water exercises.
  4. Human Performance: Improve your athletic performance, either from injury or for a better competitive edge.
  5. Hypnotherapy
  6. Lecture: Community and Organizational health events.  


Fee Schedule:




This office accepts Self Paying Clients, Some Workers Compensation Insurance. Motor Vehicle Insurance coverage.




Please contact the office for fees, and therapy referral procedures for Insurance coverage with Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Insurance, and FECA injury cases. 


(585) 247-6930


Always seek medical advice for pain since it can indicate a serious health condition.

Because Muscle Pain Therapy is not appropriate for all conditions, let your Primary Care Physician know you are receiving therapy, and always inform your therapist about any medical problems.


What you can expect from Muscle Pain Therapy

Treatments are all hands-on therapies that average one hour in duration, depending on the state of your condition. You will experience various sensations during therapy for example ?. You may experience changes in your pain after the first session and could experience therapeutic residuals for a 24 to 48 hour period after therapy. This is an average time period for residuals after therapy and can vary in duration per individual.


Muscle Pain Therapy can relieve chronic pain on many levels, but often works best combined with other supportive measures. Rest, exercise, nutrition, and appropriate medication can all help you feel better.  




 Office hours by scheduled appointment only.

24 hour Cancellation is required or you will be charged for the therapy session.







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